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Shop Headboards online at Onceit, New Zealand?s largest marketplace. Headboards are typically attached to the head of a bed, but they can also be attached to the wall or even a stand. We have a variety of styles, from traditional or modern Headboards. On top of that, we have headboards available for Super King, King, Queen, Double and King Singles beds. 

Headboards are the practical and stylish bedroom addition that can help to accent your bed, build depth and complexity in your home design, provide a comfortable backrest while you?re sitting in bed or even help you out with handy storage solutions. Whatever kind of headboards NZ you?re looking for, you?ll enjoy our low prices and quick and easy shipping direct to your door. We are the brand outlet NZ collecting all of your favourite designer brands and labels both locally throughout New Zealand as well as from around the world. Shop online from the comfort of your own home and enjoy the best prices across our entire range of home, beauty and fashion brands delivered to your door.

Can you add a headboard to any bed frame?

Yes, a headboard can be attached to any bed frame as long as it is the correct size fit. We have headboards for Super King, King, Queen, Double and King Singles. Browse our range headboards below or view our range of bed frames here.

What is the main purpose of a headboard?

The purpose of a headboard is to provide a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing backdrop for your bed. Headboards can be made of a range of materials, such as wood, metal, fabric, or leather. Headboards can serve a functional purpose, such as providing a comfortable place to lean and sit up while in bed. They can also provide support for pillows and protect the wall behind the bed from damage.

Can I get my Headboard delivered?

Yes, we deliver New Zealand wide. Shipping fees do vary depending on where you live in New Zealand but we are able to deliver to your home. Whether that is a headboard or a mattress.

How to choose the best headboards?

Whether you?re looking for a new headboard for your bed, your guest bedroom or for the family, you?ll find what you?re looking for online today. The bed is usually the focus draw in a bedroom. It?s the main event and the room itself has largely been designed to house this specific piece of furniture so getting the right headboard is important for completing your design and really breathing into your space. It?s usually the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning. But it?s also one of those pieces that once it?s in and you are using it on a daily basis, you probably won?t even notice. Or, at least, you shouldn?t. Not unless you?re standing in your bedroom doorway admiring how beautiful it looks.

As the main focus in the room, choose a colour that you love, and you find calming and relaxing. The bedroom should be a place to wind down and gently wind up again in the morning so if you?re not the sort of person who finds brash, bold colours calming, then that?s worth considering when searching for a new headboard and other bedroom furnishings. Colour also plays an important part in defining your space, helping it to look deeper and bigger than it is, or helping to draw down focus so large rooms or high ceilings don?t overwhelm your style. Dark colours help to pop and draw the eye which is good for small rooms because then you?re not focusing on the size of the room. However, dark colours need to be tempered with lighter ones to develop a clear and consistent rhythm so you?re not just overcrowded by big, dark navy blue, forest green and blacks. 

The function of the headboard is also important. If you like sitting up in bed to read or watch television, then a comfortable headboard like an upholstered style looks great and is comfortable to lean against. Shop for headboards to fit every size from king beds to queen beds, kids beds, including king single headboards, and more.

If you don?t like the upholstered look or you are looking for something a little smaller that won?t be such a big focus in a room, like a dual-purpose guest room, then wood tones are wonderful to work with and come in a range of finishes from super light Scandinavian styles to dark, old-world charm like walnut and rosewood. Wood is also warming, helping to develop natural tones in industrial-looking spaces like loft apartments, converted warehouses and against exposed brick walls.

Finally, your new headboard should complement your existing style, not fight against it. If you have developed an aesthetic ? and you might not even know yet what that is ? take some time to consider how your new purchase will fit in with the rest of the vibe you are creating. If you?re looking to develop your home style from scratch then this is a very exciting time and you?ll enjoy browsing our online furniture sale from amazing designers and home-style gurus.