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fabmud™. Mega Purifying Glacial Clay Bundle: Mask + Silicon Brush + Cleansing Mitt

Description, Sizing and Details

New Zealand’s #1 ‘Skip-care’ treatment. A Multifunctional highly effective product that is clean, natural and safe for the environment. With Glacial Clay as its main ingredient and its magnetic properties it has amazing abilities to attract positively charged toxins and bacteria to its negative ion charge. That facilitates the deepest cleanse of the epidermis. After the toxins have been extracted, healing botanicals like Kawakawa, Manuka, Horopito and Tamanu start the regenerative action and incredible Witch Hazel shrinks your pores to the maximum, locking all the goodness and moisture inside. Finally, after your skin received a mega detox and full regeneration it needs, you can then wet the mask with water and use the tiny pumice particles gently massaging them over your skin. That will ultimately buff out all those toxins that have been extracted and give you an extra polish. And that megawatt glow you see after you wash off the mask - that is your skin saying THANK YOU!.


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