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Weighted Calming Blanket with Removable Cover- 4.5KG Single Bed - Grey

Description, Sizing and Details

What is a Calming blanket? Calming Blankets are weighted blankets that are designed to improve your sleep and ease the symptoms of anxiety, stress and insomnia. The Calming Blanket utilises the relaxing principles behind deep pressure stimulation therapy. Our Calming blankets are weighted with a unique high-density nontoxic glass micro-bead, that distributes evenly around the body for your comfort. Suggested benefits of weighted calming blankets; - Relieve symptoms of Anxiousness & Stress Anxiety can cause sleepless and restless nights. Proprioceptive input or ‘deep touch pressure stimulation’ through these weighted blankets can increase your awareness of our body parts and calm your sensory behaviours. - Reduce symptoms of Insomnia Studies have shown the positive effect that weighted blankets can have on preventing insomnia through tactile & proprioceptive inputs. It has been shown that you move less and sleep deeper. - Elevate Mood It is said individuals who use a weighted blanket have significantly greater reductions in distress than those who don’t. What is a calming blanket made of? Our Calming Blankets are made up of 2 sections. The inner section which consists of a machine washable cover of 300 thread count cotton & nontoxic micro glass beads with polyester fibre fill (this is where the weight comes from). And the outer cover, which is constructed of 100% Cotton, this cover protects the weighted centre. There is a zipper opening making it easy for the cover to be removed for washing or to replace with another cover. How do I know what weight to choose? The 3 most important factors when buying a weighted blanket are; 1. Even weight distribution 2. Extra soft fabric 3. Enough weight; Weighted blankets are designed to be 8-12% of your body weight. Some prefer their blankets on the heavier side, while some enjoy light pressure. With our Calming Blanket, you have three options – 4.5kg, 6.8kg & 9kg. Below is a table with a guide of what weight will suit you; Your Weight Your Blanket Weight 40-55kg 4.5kg 56-80kg 6.8kg > 80kg 9kg - 122cm x 198cm

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