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Riedel - Vinum Riesling - Twin Pack


Description, Sizing and Details

Crystal glass, machine made. Gift boxed in pairs. CAUTION: these products are grape-varietal specific. Using them correctly will prove they are not simply glasses, but tools for wine enjoyment. VINUM (1986) is Riedel's basic stemmed series. This series was created by Georg J. Riedel, based on the Sommeliers range, in order to make Riedel varietal-specific glassware more accessible to the general consumer. Riesling is a grape variety known to produce one of the finest white wines, balancing its high acidity with residual sugar. The fresh acidity and high mineral components produce a concentrated wine with wonderful fruit aromas. This wine also ages extremely well, changing slightly in color, giving the characteristic aged Riesling tone. The Riesling glass is the most versatile white wine glass within the Vinum series. Please note that this is the same shape glass for Chianti and Zinfandel. All Riedel glasses are dishwasher safe. READ LESS 275 x 116 x 227 mm Height: 210 mm Capacity: 400 ml Twin Pack

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