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The Australian label Talulah was created in 2003 by designer Kelli Wharton. La Maison Talulah blends structural tailoring with kaleidoscopic images to encapsulate the free-spirited femininity of the women that wear it proudly. The creative appeal of each Talulah collection, designed with an innovative and versatile woman in mind, has become one of the most popular fashion brands in Australia. La Maison Talulah has developed a unique brand culture over the past decade centred around empowering women through feel and design. Talulah effectively delivers garments that are beautiful and trendy but deliver that effortless, ease of wear. With the essence of romanticism laced into every piece, women can feel confident with their clothing choice as they go on throughout their day. Quickly gaining a cult-fashion status, celebrities and influencers are among the many that gravitate to Talulah's numerous collections. Gracing the shoulders of Jennifer Hawkins, Tash Oakley, Jodi Gordon, Clementine McVeigh and Kate Waterhouse just to name a few, you know you'll be in good company when you choose Talulah for your next event. Shop Onceit's curated collection of Talulah, from intricately pleated floral mini dresses, to lush linen maxis, there's something for every occasion. Each piece has been crafted from luxe fabrications and with the utmost attention to detail, so you know this investment will be one for a lifetime.