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fLash | Onceit New Zealand

Have you ever had eyelash envy? We've got the beauty product for you! Flash Eyelash Serum is a lash conditioning serum that dramatically enhances lash length and fullness within weeks by fortifying and conditioning the lash follicles. Our lashes can become weak and prone to shedding from daily mascara use and over-washing, so Flash has been cleverly created to counteract damage so your lashes can reach their full potential.

Flash continues to be one of Onceit's best selling products and it's no wonder - there has never been such an affordable eyelash serum that also boasts premium quality results. Rest assured, this product is physician formulated and tested, and also cruelty-free, making it safe to use around one of your most sensitive areas of skin. 

Flash should be applied daily along the lash line to clean, dry skin, consistently for approximately 6-8 weeks and watch your lashes change before your very eyes. For results that you can truely see, choose Flash and start your journey to beautiful, long lashes today.