fLash Eyelash Serum SALE

If you have tired, thin and listless eyelashes then you need the multi-award-winning Flash Eyelash Serum to inject a little natural life and beauty back into them. Our eyelashes take an absolute beating on a daily basis. Whether you’re an old-school manual curler or you prefer the lift and tint treatment by your favourite local beautician, your eyelashes need some love between treatments and products and that’s why the Flash Eyelash Serum and its breakthrough technology is so important. 

Flash Eyelash Serum works by fortifying and conditioning your eyelash follicles, right at the root. It’s a lash conditioning serum that not only protects each individual lash but also dramatically enhances your eyelash length and the appearance of fullness, curls and volume within just weeks. The creators of Flash Eyelash Serum have cleverly developed a serum that is designed to counteract damage our lashes incur after daily mascara use, rough and over-washing techniques as well as dehydrating products like lifting and curling agents. With Flash Eyelash Serum, your lashes can reach their full potential.

Flash serum should be applied daily along the lash line to clean, dry skin, consistently for approximately 6-8 weeks and watch your lashes change before your very eyes. For results that you can truly see, choose Flash and start your journey to beautiful, long lashes today.

Does flash eyelash serum really work? 

A high-performing eyelash serum like Flash Eyelash Serum is primarily a conditioning agent that promotes softer, stronger, longer-lasting lashes while also giving them a sexy, cheeky little curl you’ll love. You’ll notice a difference in the quality of your lashes almost immediately and that difference will only get better the longer you stick to your conditioning and care routine. 

Flash continues to be one of Onceit's best-selling products and it's no wonder - there has never been such an affordable eyelash serum that also boasts premium quality results. Flash Eyelash Serum has been physician formulated and tested. It’s cruelty-free, making it safe to use around one of your most sensitive areas of skin and all cruelty-free products are good for our spirit.

Applying your eyelash enhancer serum should be done once daily for 6-8 weeks. You’ll start to see results sooner than that, but the full treatment works best when applied as per the developers’ instructions. You probably already have a morning and/or evening face cleansing routine so choosing a time to apply the best lash serum in New Zealand should be easy. This is the eyelash booster is the perfect eyelash serum for extensions, helping to keep your real lashes soft, hydrated and flexible which helps to reduce breakage and uneven lashes. By stimulating eyelash growth right at the root of the lash, Flash helps to strengthen the entire strand rather than just conditioning the parts of the lash that you can see. Even if you don’t regularly get extensions or an eyelash perm, you’ll achieve longer eyelashes that appear softer, fuller and sexier.

How to apply flash eyelash serum? 

Your daily beauty routine is the perfect time to apply to New Zealand’s best eyelash serum. Once eyelashes are gently cleaned, take the brush and apply a small amount of the eyelash conditioner to the root of the lash. Using the spoolie brush attachment, gently smooth the long lash serum over the entire lash from root to tip. The areas that you target with eyelash nourishment will stimulate growth so if you’re missing lashes closer to the corners of your eyes then pay attention to applying a small amount of the serum there as well. Within just weeks you’ll notice that your eyelash booster is helping your natural lashes to grow thicker and stronger. Check out the Flash lash serum reviews for real stories of this product working to promote eyelash growth fast.

Where to buy flash eyelash serum in New Zealand? 

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