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Founder of CamelBak, Michael Eidson, had been competing in the "Hotter'N Hell 100" for over 30 years, which is a 100-mile road race in the exhausting summer heat of Wichita Falls, Texas. Water is a vital component in surviving the race and there are very few places to replenish a bottle of water along the journey. Eidson, a trained emergency medical technician, decided to fill an IV bag with water, drop it in a white sock and place it in his bike jersey. With a tube running from this bag, secured to his shirt by clothespeg, hands-free hydration was born. 

Since developing hands-free hydration products in the late 1980s, CamelBak has grown to be the world leader in hands-free hydration. Runners, cyclists and multi-sport athletes trust in Camelbak hydration packs, water bladders, and drink bottles to keep them hydrated while on the run. With a vast range of capacities, colours and designs for best performance, there's a style of CamelBak for every need - from day to day use to competitions. 

Shop Onceit's extensive range of CamelBak drink bottles and backpacks today. With a selection of colours from neutral tones to bright blues, pinks and fun prints to choose from you'll never forget to hydrate throughout the day. There are 600ml bottles for long days away, 400ml for the kids and a multitude of backpacks to store them in. CamelBak is the perfect daily companion no matter what adventure life takes you on.