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Buy Adidas shoes NZ online at Onceit, the online superstore where you’ll find all of your favourite brands and labels at the best prices. Founded by Adi Dassler in 1924, the Adidas sportswear brand has always had one focus: to create the best possible sporting equipment for athletes and Adidas shoes NZ are no exception. This commitment to developing the best Adidas shoes and sportswear has seen this iconic brand elevate to the kind of international popularity enjoyed by only the most elite, hard-wearing and innovative designs and brands. Adidas makes sportswear for every athlete at every level from innovative training shoes made for netball players and runners to football boots, cricket gear and more.

While there is a complete range of purpose-made sports apparel and footwear from Adidas catering to the exclusive needs of the world’s best and most talented athletes, there is also a complete range of Adidas wear that is designed and constructed to look cool and feel comfortable too. Everything from classic streetwear shoes to sports apparel made for comfort is available to order online from the brand outlet NZ delivering the world’s best brands at the lowest prices to your door.

Adidas’ contemporary style has become iconic to fashion followers. Its signature trefoil logo has been in use since 1972 as a symbol of quality and technical prowess, and nothing has changed since then. Adidas is still synonymous with quality, innovative design that’s both wearable and stylish. In more recent times the brand draws on its rich sporting history to create contemporary streetwear that can transition straight from the field to the streets. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to enjoy the comfortable, trend-setting brand. You just have to love streetwear essentials. Shop Onceit online for all things streetwear, including funky kids clothing NZ and the latest styles from homegrown designer Huffer.

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Adidas has cemented its iconic status with a loyal cult following of both athletes and celebrities alike through collaborations, including with sensational, #1 international musicians. Kanye West and Pharrell Williams have been among some of the most well-known heavy hitters that have worked with adidas in recent years, solidifying it as a household streetwear name while elite sportsmen and women have proudly worn the Adidas stripes on the field, the track, on the bike, on the roads and on the court.

Recognisable for their three-stripe design, Adidas boasts a range of sports and casual joggers to satisfy any fashion preference, including the ever-popular Adidas Superstar and Stan Smiths. For sportswear, the selection of street-ready trackpants, shorts and trefoil logo tees are perfect for your everyday rotation. 

How to choose adidas shoes? 

Adidas shoes NZ are available in a range of styles and types, depending on what you need your footwear to help you do. For standard streetwear essentials, shop online now for Adidas womens runners and men designer Adidas shoes. Adidas shoes come in US, UK and EU sizes for both men and women, although most types are unisex and the division is more helpful for people seeking wider or narrower styles, with women’s shoes typically offering a narrower fit than mens’ collections. 

When it comes to getting the sizing just right, it’s always helpful to consider using a sizing chart. The Adidas sizing chart includes foot measurements so you can crossmatch your foot size with the ideal Adidas size. To get the fit perfect, trace the outline of your bare foot on a blank piece of paper. This is easiest done with your heel is against a wall. Measure the distance between your longest toe to your heel and then match your measurement with the sizing chart to find the best fit size range.

For specialty sports shoes, consider what surface you’re going to be using your new shoes on and what kind of support works the best for you. The surface that you’re primarily using your shoes on will provide different kinds of wear on both you and your shoes. Stiffer soles, for example, are good for all terrain use like outdoor running over uneven ground. If you’re training inside or on asphalt then you’ll probably want a more flexible, flat sole that is lightweight, durable and comfortable. Very rigid soles are good for outdoor, cross-country running over long distances, offering superior protection and support for longer. 

Individuals need individual support so consider your pronation levels if you pronate, your impact injuries such as weak knees, ankles and back, as well as things like the height of your arches and broadness of your feet. All of these factors will help you determine the level of support and cushioning that works best for your needs.

Where can I buy adidas shoes in NZ? 

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