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Little Fox Eyewear - Ava | Crystal Grey

Description, Sizing and Details

First Thing’S First – What Is Blue Light? Blue Light Is A Colour In The Visible Light Spectrum, And It’S One That Our Eyes Are Particularly Sensitive To Because Of Its Short, High Energy Wavelengths. Why Is It Bad? While Our Eyes Are Very Effective At Blocking Uv Rays From Reaching Our Light-Sensitive Retinas, Our Eyes Have Trouble Filtering Blue Light. In Effect, Most All Blue Light Reached The Retina And Can Cause Some Serious Damage. Studies Show That Overexposure To Blue Light Can Harm Our Physical & Mental Wellbeing. A Harvard Medical Study Calls Blue Light ‘The Most Danger Light For The Retina’. Where Is Blue Light Found? Everywhere. The Sun. Artificial Light. Led Light. And Our Digital Screens. Screens Are Part Of Our Day-To-Day Lives. Bu The More Time We Spend With Our Laptops, Smartphones And Other Screens, The More Likely We Are To Experience The Damaging Effects Of Blue Light. What’S The Damage? Blue Light Could Be Harming You In Ways You Wouldn’T Suspect. If Your Job Requires You To Spend Hours In Front Of A Screen, Or If Your Idea Of R&R Includes Scrolling Through Your Smartphone Or Binging A New Series (Us Too), Blue Light Could Be A Likely Culprit For… Headaches Eye Strain & Fatigue Poor Sleep Neck & Back Pain Blurry Vision Dry & Irritated Eyes Blue Light Can Also Cause Some Serious Long Term Damage, Such As… Retinal Damage Age-Related Eye Conditions Potential Vision Loss Why Little Fox Computer Glasses? Our Computer Glasses Take Our Favorite Frames And Add Blue Light Blocking Technology. Crafted With Clear, Anti-Reflective Lenses, Our Everscrolls Protect Your Eyes In Style. #Blocktheblue Our Blue Light Blocking Lenses Contain Special Blue Light Filtering & Anti-Reflective Technology To Protect Your Eyes From Digital Screens In Style. Benefits Sounder Sleep Prevents Retinal Damage Improves Metabolic Functions Elevates Mood Lowers Stress Hormones Improves Focus & Mental Clarity Sharpens Vision Constructed With Cellulose Tr90, Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses And Monel Hinges - Our Blue Light Blockers Provide Ultimate Comfort And Elegant Shape, While Also Serving A Greater Purpose: Creating Happier Eyes! Lenses: Non-Prescription Blue Light Filter, Uv Protection, Glare & Scratch Resistant. What'S So Special About Our Blue Light Blocking Glasses? Digital Devices Emit A Blue Light That Can Lead To Fatigue, Headaches, Eye Soreness, Poor Sleep, Dry Eyes And Blurred Vision. Our Lenses Block Out Up To 50% Of All Blue Light While Also Allowing You View Colours Accurately! - Reduce Eye Soreness & Headaches - Improve Productivity By Up To 20% - Filter Up To 30% Harmful Blue Light - Deflect Up To 90% Glare


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