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Made In Glasses

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In this book, Yvan set out to dress up his recipes in glasses, running the whole range from every day to special events. And he doesn t hide his goal: turn every meal into a festivity! The colours speak for themselves: joyful, sun-filled, relaxing.... You will find cool recipes, both original and easy to make: - fresh, colourful salads (vegetables with sheep s milk dip, sweetie pie pineapple) - savoury dishes (handbag ratatouille, chic sardines, druid brandade, and more) - mousses and wild drinks (flavoured creams, iced cappuccino, shake n groove chocolate, etc.) - layered desserts (Agatha vacherin, strawberry French toast, and others) The trick is in transparency, a play on the reflections, light, textures and colours... and these verrines are sure to please! They promise fine moments with guests, as hors d oeuvres, for lunch or for dinner, with something for every mood

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