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Ashley & Co Washup Originals – Once Upon A Time - 500ml


Description, Sizing and Details

With Natural Antiseptics For Your Hands A Special Combination Of Natural Antiseptics, Like Grapefruit Seed And Aloe, Comes Beautifully Bottled Inspiring People To Wash Their Hands Keeping Everyone Healthier. Each Blend Is Lightly Fragranced With Ashley & Co’S Signature Scents – It’S The Gift Of Health. Once Upon & Time Ph Balanced And Soap Free Hypnotic Blooms Of Black Gardenia Loom A Lonesome Sense To Wonder. A Solitary Fig Among The Thick Of Brambles Yearn To Leave You Ponder. 500Ml

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About Ashley & Co.

A Modern Day Scent Company Being a modern day scent company means we do things a little differently.  We savour scents and memories informed by the past, but our spirit is anchored firmly in the present, in the richness of our modern lives. Not beholden to a particular style or trend, we instead hope for an element of timelessness in our range so we can effortlessly be part of others’ lives.  We pride ourselves on long-lasting, memorable scents and on superior products. To achieve the best, we manufacture in New Zealand so we can oversee the process and maintain quality from whoah to go. Perfect is how we like it.  We understand our customers - our Ashley & Co® Society - what they love and how they live, and we channel our work to uplift them.  From our scents to our packaging, to our customer service and communications, all of this makes for a truly contemporary and relevant approach to doing business.


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