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Things That Matter, By Dr David Galler


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‘This Is A Masterful Tour Through The Mystery And Majesty Of Modern Medicine, Guided By A World-Class Physician Who Has The Mind Of A Superb Scientist And The Soul Of A Fine Poet.' 'David Galler Also Shows Rare Courage In Weaving His Own, Personal Stories Into His Teaching About The Technologies Of Care. This Book Will Equally Deepen The Awareness Of Clinicians And Enlighten The Lay Reader. It Is A Gift To Both.' Donald M. Berwick, Md, Mpp In This Highly Articulate, Down-To-Earth, Generous Book, Dr David Galler Tells Stories Of Life And Death From His Position As Intensive Care Specialist At Middlemore Hospital. Written Lyrically And Warmly, These Stories Are Based On Real Life Events Describing The Everyday Dilemmas And Challenges That Doctors And Patients Commonly Face. It Aims To Explain And Demystify Much Of The Work Doctors Do, Cast Light On The Workings Of The Medical Establishment And How Medicine Operates, In The Hope That It Will Encourage Patients To Seek To Be Better Informed And Play A Greater Role In The Decisions That Will Affect Them And Their Loved Ones. It Speaks To The Resilience Of Individuals And Families And Their Extraordinary Generosity And Dignity Under The Most Extreme Pressure. This Book Is About Realistic Optimism And Is A Celebration Of Life. It Is Also A Very Personal Story About David Galler'S Life, His Family And About His Own Slow Coming Of Age As A Doctor, From The Sadness And Helplessness He Felt About His Father’S Death To At Last Feeling That He Was Of Some Use To His Most Important Patient, His Mother.

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